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And so Rappaport, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Dailymotion, decided to create his first app to act as a sort of hybrid between a travel log and Tinder.

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That way, when people noticed someone interesting on their daily commute or while sitting at their favorite coffee shop, they could open up Happn afterward if they missed their initial chance and have a second shot at striking up a conversation. When browsing Happn, you can see a timeline of every Happn user you've been near in the last few days, ranked chronologically and by the total time you've been around them.

If you see someone you like, you can "heart" them secretly to indicate interest, but they won't be notified — you're only matched up if you both independently "heart" each other. If you want to be a bit bolder and ensure that person knows you're interested, you can send them a "charm," which is essentially a push notification with a guaranteed delivery that costs between 10 and 20 cents. Happn Since your Happn timeline is arranged chronologically, a charm also guarantees that your encounter won't be lost among more recent encounters if that person traveled a lot that day.

Happn got its start in Paris, France, but has since expanded to 3 million registered users with strong followings in London and New York City.

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His mother is Mexican. He is a Civil Engineer. Took a contract in Turkey to build s shopping Centre. The request came first for itunes and Amazon Cards. He love bombs like crazy and is relentless in his claim about marriage, and a future together and loving only me are endless. Next he couldnt pay hotel bill, had no food to eat,! Afew week later needs more Amazon cards I sent him those. Next he had a medical emergency where he was admitted into hosp in Turkey, needs more money!! He sends me photos of himself all the time and they seem legit.!

He works out, has a very good body that he likes to show off.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

I have fallen for him, we have been talking on hangouts for months. I have asjed him to video chat Says I am his only woman but I have my doubts.

Has anyone else been scammed or contacted by him?! He is widowed , lost wife to Breast Cancer, has a son 13 yesrs old, He claims to be from Columbus, Ohio But knows very little if nothing about USA. Help please? Anyone know this man? Please don't send this guy any money. One of my best friends who passed away was involved with a man that sounds almost identical to your situation and she fell for him. He always made excuses up not to video chat. You already know I think that you are being scammed because you are on here, I know it hurts so bad and you just want to believe that he is real.

But he's not all of these messages all sound alike. Find a man in the USA, I promise you that this guy isn't real. Good luck. Does anyone have a picture of him saying he is a orthopedic surgeon, has five year old son lives with Nanny in Africa. Claims to be in trouble in London and is being held at the embassy I have a picture and his name isn't the same that I just read but I know they change their names his mother and father and siblings were killed in a car accident his wife died giving childbirth to their second child, he has blond hair blue eyes a very handsome I need to know is this man is someone knows him I have pictures but I would like to see pictures that you have to check see if it's the same person please contact me.

Hi my Swedish love interest working in Turkey as a Civil engineer. Swedish accent. Moved very quickly. Asked for money within the second week. Did not send it.

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He goes by the name Jake Mitchell from South Dakota. I from past couple of weeks I hve been talking to a guy from Baytown Houston Texas,he found me in Instagram,he told me his a drilling engineer,his wife died of brain cancer n hve a 14yr son,last week he told me that he needed help ,he told me to send hundred dollars iTunes card which I did but today he wants dollars for his new contract which his wrking in Venezuela,I ask him to talk to me in video call but he made a story,I asked him abt his home address but he give me wrg address so ths all made me thk abt smethg fishy.

I had a bit of a run in with heinrich powell woodson. And yes he is not a very nice person at all. He started off being very nice, talking about he's daughter and mother. And saying what he's ex wife did.

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And tells you how he finds it hard to trust women now.. And he thinks that maybe you could be the right woman for him. He would like to get to know you more and see we're it may go from there. He will give you an email address for he's mother so that you can talk to each other.

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Which he did. And after a few months of talking. He started asking for help cos he was working away and he could not get into he's bank account, cos it had been hack into. So could you maybe get him an iTunes card, just to help him out. And when you say that you can't do that cos you don't really know him, cos you have only talked by emails Instagram, Facebook or hangouts you can't do that, that is when he turns nasty.

blackbeem.com/3314-what-is-the.php So in the end I had to stop talking to him block him on all the sites. But a few days ago he was back on Facebook and I just had to block him again. So lady's please if you every come across this man. Please don't get involved with him just block him right away. Thank you and please keep safe I am an educated man but fell for the scammer bought itune cards belived the lies because i was looking for a date which never happened tried video call but her phone was working properly feel like a fool girls it can happen to men too this started on Instagram and moved to hangouts what a fool i have been.

I just fell for the same thing; not as a love interest, but a good friend trying to support a deployed soldier in Syria.


I believed the communication to be all about moral support and then it came; a request for ITunes. When I confronted the person he went from really sweet to angry and hostile. How could I have been so duped. There were signs, I should have know. A very bland facebook page with little to no activity, only a few photos of what appeared to be a soldier in Syria. The story; deceased parents, A little daughter in boarding school, waiting for his retirement papers there over one year.

Graduate of WestPoint but not a lieutenant. Didn't understand the question "enlist date? Guess I just wanted to believe this person needed a friend. Private email also suspicious. Not sure who's picture is really used on facebook, poor guy is being used as a fake soldier.

Usually they take you off the site to a private chat where they try to gain as much info about yourself to see how much money they can gain from you and possibly use your details to scam others. They usually tell you the most devistating lies so you feel sorry for them and make up fake documents and stuff to support their fake stories. I highly suggest you report it. There are good women and men out there. We just have not found them yet. Hi Jpatalano; I am currently talking to a woman now who claims she is a nurse at hospital and was told she and 5 others are being transferred to go to Vietnam to help out a hospital to take care of children with heart troubles.

I know in my gut she is not telling the truth because you don't get transferred to another country to help out unless your in the military. I was wondering if you have a picture of her by any chance? The one I am with is tall, slim, blonde hair, blue eyes wear red frame glasses that covers her eyes. I also believe she is married and her husband may be a part of it. Some the pictures I have had to be from someone else taking the pictures. If it sounds familiar please let me know. As of right now I have not given any money.